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What’s it all about?

We’re an Australian home-grown, multicultural, grassroots podcast by gardeners for gardeners and garden lovers alike. 

Australian legend and gardening guru, Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia, told us that “gardeners want to share. That they really want to tell their stories and share their information”.  

What’s Growing On Podcast creates the platform for gardeners to share and in turn connect all who have a shared vision for gardening.

From Poland to Australia, our transnational guest audience share their stories, tips and information about the universal connection of gardening. From the benefits of biodynamic soil to permaculture to Australian Indigenous “Garden Classrooms”; What’s Growing On Podcast leaves no stone unturned and digs deep into the world of gardening.

Gardening connects us to the land and the soul. It is a tool for better mental health and wellbeing, and a path to a more sustainable life.

So whether you’re a seasoned gardener or garden novice we invite you to join our international community to learn and connect with our agrarian roots via gardening. 

“Connecting people who love gardens” 

Episodes Below