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Preproduction steps for Guests of the Whatsgrowingon Podcast

Step 1. Guest receive an email with topics suggestions to be considered by Guest for the Whatsgrowingon Podcast

Step 2. Zen and John record a Whatsgrowingon episode not including the Guest that has two segments.

    • The first segment, Zen and John will talk about a variety gardening topics.
    • The second segment covers the up-and-coming episode which includes profiling the Guest, and the topics and questions that will be discussed. It will not be published until approved by Guest

Step 3. Guest will be sent an audio file of segment 2 for approval.

Step 4. Full podcast episode of the conversation with the Guest will then be recorded and published Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

               How should you prepare for the podcast?

  1. Have a quiet environment which can include an outdoor environment include the sounds of birds and bees
  2. Have access to internet or phone
  3. If using internet – a good microphone and headphones
  4. Allocate approximately 25 minutes for the recording
  5. Make sure you’re comfortable with a glass of water or cup of tea

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