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Soil health “Is Everything”

Richard Bunn is passionate about growing things, and growing them well.
A winemaker based in Western Australia, Richard’s connection to the land spans back generations and has played a big role in the development of his personal farming philosophy.

The word biodynamic might sound very technical, but really it describes the beautiful relationship between life and the earth.

Richard explains to Zen that bio means life and dynamic means interaction. So when he talks about biodynamic soil, he’s talking about the interaction of all life within ecosystems.

He advocates for the use of biodynamic soil because it enhances food quality, reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and most of all, uses a holistic approach.

Richard’s philosophy is all about connections and understanding the complexity of natural systems.

He shares his beliefs, challenges commercial norms and brings his ideas for a more benevolent and sustainable future to the world.

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