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Cissa Goncalves – The healing capabilities of food

Zen and John chat with Cissa, a Brazilian living in Australia, who uses her vast knowledge of the world to inform her spiritual and gardening practice.

Cissa is passionate about Ayurveda (traditional Hindu system of medicine) & the healing capabilities of food.

She talks about how nature gifts us with nourishment each season, why fruits and vegetables grow best at different times of the year and why we should pay attention to that.

The garden gives us all kinds of invitations.

It invites us into its flow, each season we can feel and experience different emotions. Different types of foods come with different healing purposes.

For Cissa, it’s all connected. Not only the garden that she spends time growing, but the connection between our bodies, the elements and the earth.

Cissa shares her knowledge about the healing powers of nature showing us how the vitality of the garden can allow us to be present, and have those very important (but often forgotten) moments of rest and reflection.

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