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Cup of tea & a chat with Sulyn & Rob in their garden

From the green (new) city slickers who moved down to Tasmania for a quieter life to the now experienced urban gardeners that provide for their local community, Sulyn and Rob take us through the journey of their garden.

Zen talks to Sulyn and Rob, looking back to when they first purchased the land almost 30 years ago!
How their property started from clay filled, nutrient-less soil, to a rich, vibrant and healthy habitat for all plants, fruits and vegetables.

Was it an easy journey? No, their garden required so much love and energy that Sulyn even broke her ankle trying to revitalise their space!

But after hard work and lots of experimenting, Sulyn and Rob transformed their land into a plentiful garden that provides not only for them but for their local community.

They have created a space that brings everybody together, including their youngest volunteer Hester, who shares why she loves working in the garden so much as well.

For Sulyn and Rob, there is nothing more enriching than growing your own garden, the only thing better is how the people who come to their garden enrich it with what they share.

So how can you start your own gardening journey? It’s as simple as starting with the waste from your kitchen…

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