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Farm it Forward: Your Land, Their Hands

Did you know that soil microbes can have the same impact on the brain as antidepressants?

Zen and John talk to Olive and Manu from Farm it Forward, a not-for-profit collective focussed on building connection between people and their land.

Seeing that there was a need in their community (Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia) not only for gardening support, but for connection with one’s land and the community sparked the idea for Farm it Forward.

The team brings together people who have land and people who are passionate about growing food regeneratively, to grow produce together and provide for the community.

It’s so much more than just creating market gardens, Farm it Forward create nourishing spaces for the residents they work with.

For Manu and Olive it’s all about community sufficiency, they want to build resilient, interdependent communities.
This year, facing drought, bush fires and floods, Farm it Forward produced over 800kg of produce for their community!

Farm it Forward has really shown us the power of collective energy and input and the power of what communities can do together.

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