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Humans & plants need time and space to grow too

Brendan Moore, a Birripai man from Taree and Aboriginal Community Greening Officer for the Royal Botanic Gardens Greening Program brings his considerate and wise approach to engaging with the land to the What’s Growing On Podcast. 

He talks through his personal connection to the land, beginning the episode with his own beautiful Acknowledgment of Country. He created his own as a way to really connect to the Country that he and his team live and work upon, and shared these words with the What’s Growing On Podcast. 

Brendan has travelled all over Country to skill share and engage communities in gardening.

As an Aboriginal himself, he works with Aboriginal communities to upskill them in being more sustainable and self-sufficient in their food growth. 

Brendan has also worked in high schools, re-engaging young Indigenous students who have stopped coming to school through gardening projects on campus.

He talks of a time when he used plants to allow the students to reflect back on themselves:

“Just like plants, sometimes humans need space and time to grow.”

Brendan’s personal connection to Country has allowed him to develop and share important knowledge about the natural world around him, enabling him to upskill communities and individuals to be more sustainable, self-sufficient and connected to the land. 

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