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Is it really organic?

Eating organic food has many benefits for our health and the environment, but how is it certain that what we are purchasing is truly organic?

In this episode Zen speaks to one of the founders of the first organic industry association in Australia, Tim Marshall.

Tim is on the board of the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) which provides organic certification services.

Certifying organic produce in Australia is well thought-out and planned, he describes that each step and process is verified right from the land all the way to when it reaches the consumer.

So how can we be sure that what we are buying at the supermarket isn’t just regular produce? Tim explains that even differences in the packaging of the food can make it obvious.   

For the future of the industry, Tim says biodegradable packaging and transparent labelling is a must for consumers to have confidence when purchasing genuine organic produce.

Australia is fortunate to have NASAA in ensuring ethical farming goes into creating our produce and caring for our land.

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