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Permaculture; Creating Sustainable Communities

Zen and John talk to Jerome Santospirito, a market gardener with over ten years of organic farming experience in Tasmania, about his thoughts on permaculture.

A philosophical principle for ecological systems and design that developed in Tasmania in the 70’s, Jerome talks about how permaculture is changing the way we think about produce.

It’s a concept based upon a resilient local community and strong communication between humanity and nature.

But how can you integrate permaculture into your life if you don’t have much land?

It’s all about context, context, context: What can you do with what you have, and where you are?

Jerome tells us how permaculture can be used by anyone at any time, it’s as simple as looking at what you have and thinking ‘what can I create?’.

One step at a time, permaculture is empowering locals to take on knowledge and produce for themselves, it’s fostering a stronger community through engagement and communication and paving the way to a more sustainable future.

When humanity is forced to respond to ecological crises, will permaculture be the answer?

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