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Zen talks apples with Andrew from Willie Smith’s Orchard

In the 60’s Tasmania was the largest apple producer in the Southern Hemisphere, today there are only 14 apple producers left in Australia’s southernmost state. 

Andrew Smith, from Willie Smiths in the Huon Valley shares the incredible journey that his family and their apple orchard has been on. 

The story stretches back to begin 4 generations ago, when Andrew’s great-grandfather married Elsie whose father had gifted her an apple orchard. The orchard was passed down through generations, with each person adding their own flair and farming values to the apple production process. 

Now, 4 generations later, Andrew is passionate about organic produce. His method is altruistic in a way; they choose not to use pesticides and herbicides for the health of their produce, their customers and Mother Nature. 

Andrew’s orchard makes organic apple cider that is sold all over Australia, using the intensive planting and organic growing techniques he has learned on his many adventures around the world. It’s low in sulphur and preservatives, as Andrew strives to put the integrity of growing real, healthy produce first. 

From humble beginnings as a start up apple orchard, to battling through the demise of the apple growing industry, Andrew Smith has used strength and innovation to become a widely known and successful producer of organic apple products. 

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